Home Of The Best Universities

You all have heard the name Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. These are some of the best universities in the world in their respective fields. The US universities offer the latest courses, use the latest teaching methods and techniques, and use the best equipment to teach their students.

Flexible Academics

The USA’s universities not only provide students with excellent academic recognization but give full flexibility to students. At the undergraduate level, you also have the liberty to pursue different courses before you declare your major at the end of the second year.

Work While Studying

The US government allows a student to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week(on-campus). full-time for 40 hours(on-campus) per week during holidays and breaks if you intend to enroll for the next semester.

Scholarships And Financials

Scholarships are a major part of a student’s life and US universities understand this. Almost every student gets a scholarship every year depending on the university they are in.

First and foremost, there’s safety.

Campuses are very safe in the USA. all Indian parents can sleep well knowing that their children are safe and their safety is not compromised at all.

Travel While You Study

Traveling is a really important aspect if you are going to study abroad and the US will never gonna bore you at all. Places like Times Square, Grand Canyons, Niagara Falls, Yellow Stone National Park, and many more. Attract millions of tourists.

Vibrant Lifestyle

College life in the USA is just mind-blowing. The different people, cultures, and thoughts make the place so beautiful to live in. There’s always something happening and a lot more to explore and learn.

A Country that Never Sleeps

The United States of America is the house of the most amazing artists, music Hollywood of course and so much more it is the hub of wonders around the world. Day life in your universities and nightlife with the beautiful cities.

  • There Are Many Free Museums In The Country’s Capital

  • There Is a City Named Boring And It’s In Oregon.

  • Do you know that the US serves 100 acres of pizza every day?

  • If someone has control of your GPS – who? The US.

  • Philadelphia was the original capital of the US.

  • The Statue Of Liberty was a gift from France.

  • The US Doesn’t Have An Official Language

Can I study in the USA for free?

There are various private and government scholarships available for studying in the USA that offer 100% coverage of their major expenses like tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, etc.

Are there age limitations to attending U.S. universities?

In general, you must have completed high school and you must be at least 17 years of age.

There are so many schools in the U.S. How do I decide which schools to apply to?

You can choose it according to your preference and choice. Which subject you want to choose and universities offering the same or more information you can book a free call with our experts.

Which is the best university in the USA?

The following are the top universities in the USA ranked based on the academic standards and research impact.

  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California, Berkeley

Is ILETS required to study in the USA?

Yes, IELTS is one of the most prominent requirements when it comes to studying in the USA.

What are the different types of undergraduate degrees?

There are two types of UG programs

1. Associate: a two-year program that either leads to a specific vocation or transitions to a bachelor's program.

2. Bachelor: A four or five-year program where students earn credits in a wide variety of courses

How much it will cost to live in The USA?

The average living cost for the US is around $14,000 per year, including accommodation, food, travel, books, and clothes as well.

Cost of Living in the USA for International Students
Accommodation $5000-$7000 (INR 373775- 523285) yearly.
For off-campus accommodation $300-$400(INR 22,961 - 30,615 ) per month.
Food $2500 (INR 186887) per year.
Traveling $300-$700 (INR 22426- 52328)
Textbooks and study material $500-$1000 (INR 37377- 74755) yearly.
Other expenses $2000 (INR 149510) yearly.
Tuition Fees
Undergraduate program $8230 - $33450 (INR 6,29,981 - 25,60,095)
Postgraduate program $8670 - $29960 (INR 6,63,614 - 22,93,183)
Doctoral program $10830 - $42920 (INR 8,28,944 - 32,85,161)