Internationally Recognised Universities

France has lots of universities and they are world-renowned and recognized all over the world. France’s international reputation in the field is based on its ability to provide an exceptional standard of teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Financial Benefits

In terms of cost of living, international students can expect to incur expenses of around EUR 8,000 yearly, making studying in France much cheaper than studying at universities in the USA.

Creativity at its best

Arts and culture are integral components of France. Creativity and elegance are in the air and that makes studying here an adventurous and exceptional experience.

Excelled in each Industry

The country’s diversified economy is led by tourism, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. France is home to 31 out of the 500 largest corporations in the world. The country’s economy and infrastructure are highly developed with a free-market orientation.

Entrepreneur Encouragement

The president is very supportive and focused on building France as a start-up nation, an appealing ecosystem of start-ups, laboratories, universities, and major corporations that have flourished over the past few years. All are helping France to grow exponentially as a tech hub.

Fashion Capital Of The World

Some of the biggest fashion brands are in France like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Givenchy, and the list continues. If you want to study fashion design, look no further. This is the best place to live in.

Entrance To Europe

France borders six separate countries so you will not only get to explore France but also many other European countries, like Germany and Spain. Plus, France’s transportation system is affordable, efficient, and extensive.

  • One of the most student-friendly countries

  • France Is the Most-Visited Country in the World.

  • France Is Smaller Than Texas.

  • France Has the Largest Art Museum.

  • France Had a King – That Lasted Only 20 Minutes

  • The French Army Invented Camouflage

Do I need to know French to study in France?

There are lots of courses available in the English language but basic level french is really helpful in the daily lifestyle of a student. France has a population that is predominantly non-English speaking.

What will be the average cost of studying in France?

France is amongst the lowest in the world in the cost of studying section because the cost of the tuition fees is paid by the state. Accommodation and transportation fees for international students. The average tuition fees and living cost is around 17,500 Euros per year.

How to obtain a student residency permit?

You can renew your right to stay in France to continue your studies under certain conditions and also request a multi-year residency permit at least two months before the long-stay visa expires. The duration of the residence permit may vary from one to four years.

What are the official French Exams?

The popular official French exams or tests are the DELF, the DALF, and the TCF.

What is the living cost in France?

The average living cost is €1,000 for students in Paris, and €800 for those outside the capital.

Can I stay and work in France after I graduate?

This can be done via the local prefecture once an offer of employment has been received and accepted. Alternatively, international students graduating at a master’s level or above can seek permission to extend their student residence permits for up to a year.

Cost of Living in France for International Students
Accommodation and Utilities 200 – 300 EUR/month (INR 16,359 - 24,536)
Food 200-250 EUR/month (INR 16,359 - 20,451)
Study Materials and Books 50 EUR (INR 4,088)
Transportation 80 EUR/month (INR 6,540)
Tuition Fees
Masters 10,000 - 16,500 Euro (Rs718600 - 1185690)
MBA 23,000 - 25,000 Euro (Rs 52780 - 1796500)